Magnesium Complex - Magnesium Supplement w/ Bisglycinate, Malate, Taurate - 120 Capsules

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Feel better, naturally with our Magnesium Complex.

Magnesium is known as ‘THE’ relaxation mineral. It is an essential mineral that plays a role in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body. 

Magnesium can help support ENERGY production and also support SLEEP and relaxation. It is a versatile, powerhouse mineral!

Magnesium can help to keep bones strong and healthy, is necessary for the absorption of calcium, and also helps to regulate vitamin D levels in the body.

It is crucial for cardiovascular health and can help to support blood pressure levels and support the health of the cardiovascular system.

Magnesium plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels and is also necessary for nerve function. It helps to maintain healthy nerve cells and also supports proper muscle function.

It is KEY for brain health. It helps to support cognitive function and can also help to protect against age-related cognitive decline.

Magnesium is necessary for energy production. It helps the body to convert food into energy and also plays a role in ATP production.*

It can help to reduce stress and support a healthy mood. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and can help to promote restful sleep.*

Not all magnesium is created equally; our Magnesium Complex features THREE highly absorbable types of magnesium which support the body and mind: bisglycinate, malate, and taurate.

Feel better, naturally with Lifted Naturals Magnesium Complex.

  • Synergistic Formula with the Top Bioavailable Forms of Magnesium: Bisglycinate, Malate & Taurate. Does NOT contain Oxide and does NOT contain Citrate, which can be hard on sensitive stomachs and are poorly absorbed.

  •  Features Magnesium Bisglycinate which is a powerful mood supportive form of bioavailable magnesium. Daily stress depletes magnesium. Our TOP forms of magnesium can help restore magnesium levels. 

  • Mood Support and MORE: Magnesium is essential for proper nerve and muscle function, plays a role in maintaining healthy bones, and can help with sleep, cognitive function, immune support, and much more. Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions. Studies suggest that at least half of Americans are not getting enough magnesium.

  • High Quality and Integrity: At Lifted Naturals, we are committed to helping you feel better, naturally. All Lifted Naturals products are made at our GMP certified facility in the USA. Our Magnesium Complex has NO added fillers, NO preservatives, NO magnesium stearate, and NO unnecessary ingredients.