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Natural Sleep Support

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Meeting your schedule's demand can be challenging when you struggle to have a good night of sleep. Our low-dose Micro Melatonin supplement is a great way to adjust your body’s clock*

It’s the perfect physiological dose of melatonin for support of modern health, sleep, & relaxation with multiple benefits*

A Good Night’s Rest – Helps you get to sleep quickly and without effort when taken one to two hours before bedtime.*

Immune Support Boost Melatonin is known for its immuno-enhancing properties, influencing nearly every cell in the body. A secret weapon!*

Better brain functions – Melatonin is a promising neuroprotective supplement that crosses the blood-brain barrier, supporting brain health.*


SLEEP LIKE A BABY: Melatonin is the hormone naturally produced by the human body, and its primary function is to help induce sleep. Aging, constant blue light, and visual stimulations reduce the natural production, disrupting the sleeping cycle. Lifted Naturals created a low- dose Melatonin supplementodorless, easy to swallow, with zero after-taste or side effects. The perfect physiological dose of Melatonin for support of modern health, sleep, and relaxation.*


SUPPORT YOUR SLEEP CYCLE NATURALLY: The sun is our main source of blue light, yet after the sun goes down extended exposure to computer screens has changed our body’s natural routine. This makes it difficult to fall and stay asleep. Our low dose melatonin supplement will help support your immune system and aid in maintaining a healthy sleep patterna secret weapon for health.*



Typical Melatonin supplements leave people feeling loopy, groggy, and with a hangover effect in the morning, our Micro Melatonin solution has the right level to help you rest, relax, fall and stay asleep.* Our melatonin supplements are 100mcg capsules that dissolve fast and can be taken with or without food—an advanced and effective solution.



Our Micro Melatonin is more than a supplement to achieve sleep quickly, effortlessly, and wake up refreshed. Taken 1 to 2 hours before bedtime, Lifted Naturals Micro Melatonin helps with oxidative stress, and helps maintain immune support, and brain health. All of these properties help improve your concentration, productivity, and body strength to feel ready for action every morning!*


DEEP SLEEP OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Lifted Naturals is a family company with a passion for helping you sleep well and feel better naturally. We stand behind the excellence of our brand, using sustainability and safety as our core values. We promise to provide you with the best product and service around or your money back. Add our Micro Melatonin supplements to your cart and experience our amazing customer service.