Mood Prebiotic - Prebiotic Fiber Supplement - 90 Capsules - Features Prebiotic GOS, Plus Prebiotic XOS and FOS

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  • Prebiotic ONLY supplement featuring Prebiotic GOS (Galactooligosaccharides), Plus Prebiotic XOS (Xylooligosaccharide) and Prebiotic FOS (Fructooligosaccharides).

  • Mood Support and MORE: Features GOS, the top studied prebiotic to support mood. By combining it with two other types of oligosaccharides prebiotics, it’s a synergistic formula for improved gut and mood support. 

  • Capsules can be OPENED: feel free to go slow with your dose if you are more sensitive. Or if you don’t like swallowing capsules, you can simply empty the contents of the capsules into a drink or smoothie.

  • Prebiotic FIBER: acts as food for the beneficial bacteria in our gut, helping to keep our digestive system healthy and balanced. Research suggests that prebiotic fiber may also help to improve immune function and support a healthy mood.

  • High Quality and INTEGRITY: At Lifted Naturals, we are committed to helping you feel better, naturally. All Lifted Naturals products are made at our GMP certified facility in the USA. Our Mood Prebiotic has NO added fillers, NO preservatives, NO magnesium stearate, and NO unnecessary ingredients.

Feel better, naturally with our Mood Prebiotics. 

In this formula, we’ve included a specific class of dietary fibers that exert beneficial effects on intestinal microbiota and gut barrier function: oligosaccharides.

Our synergistic formula combines three different types of oligosaccharide prebiotic fiber: GOS, XOS, and FOS to support and proliferate the good bacteria in our gut. 

Our formula featuring a higher ratio of prebiotic GOS, which has been studied for its benefits on mood and stress. Mood Prebiotic is a powerful yet gentle approach to microbiome health.  

Prebiotics are like food for probiotics. And much like probiotics, prebiotic fiber offers a host of health benefits. 

Prebiotics can help to increase the number of good bacteria in the gut. Rather than picking and choosing which specific strains of good bacteria to support your body with, supplementing with PREBIOTICS offer a natural way to allow your body to guide the way!

This, in turn, can lead to better digestive health, as well as a stronger immune system. 

Not all supplements are created equally; our Mood Prebiotic formula features THREE highly targeted types of prebiotic fiber to support the body and mind. Feel better, naturally with Lifted Naturals Mood Prebiotic.